Sponsor Wu

Phu Quoc Ridge has offered to sponsor her recovery. That means we will pay all of her medical and care until she is adopted. She is in the care of Laws for Paws Vietnam and they have the experience Wu needs to make her recovery.

Elizabeth Homfray estimates Wu is about a year old. She has the mange so bad her skin is split at her joints and you can see her eyes are infected. She is in a lot of pain.

Now her journey begins… Her diet is carefully selected to help her body heal and fight the infection. She will have a bath 2-3 times a day with a special shampoo that fights the mange and she will be on antibiotics for some time. But, most importantly, she will be cared for. It will be awhile before the loving hands of her caregivers can pet her without pain. Soon her terrible condition will be in her past and she learn to play and trust her future.

Since Phu Quoc Ridge is far from Vietnam and we can’t be there to help Laws for Paws Vietnam with Wu, we want to do what we can. Join us and help sponsor Wu, so Laws for Paws can use their resources to help another dog that needs them. It’s a small world and we are in this together….


Mr. Dog

A man from Australia, living in Vietnam, must return home for surgery. Australia won’t accept a dog straight from Vietnam because Australia is a rabies free country. Australia also requires quarantine for 10 days. This made timing for his surgery difficult. So, he was trying to find a home for him in Vietnam, but didn’t really want to do that to his dog. His other alternative was to kennel his dog in Singapore for 6 months until his turn to enter quarantine. But he would spend the 6 months in a cage, no life at all. The man didn’t want to do that either. His big fear was if he rehomed his dog that the new expat owner would someday leave Vietnam and his dog would never be settled being rehomed again and again. Tough call, 6 months in a cage or uncertain future.

The man met his dog after a simple surgery in Vietnam that went wrong. When he woke from this surgery he was paralyzed from the waste down. A lot to deal with. The man’s wife brought him home a street dog she found, a puppy. The puppy grew up by the mans side, helping him accept the way things are. They both needed each other and are bonded.

Now the man needs more surgery and he needs to move back to Australia.

I met this man while he was trying to raise $20,000 to cover the cost of moving (just his dog) home with him. I sent him a message to learn more about why he was asking for so much money. He explained the kennel costs for 6 months in Singapore was incredibly expensive. The day I first spoke to him, he was preparing his dog to meet a someone that was interested in adopting him. He was trying to figure out his best path, either way. This man was broken with the decision he was forced to make…

Yesterday, I woke up at 4.15am and I drove to Atlanta airport to pick up his dog. We offered to help by fostering his dog at our facility until he could get his turn at the quarantine facility in Australia.

His dog’s name is Mr.Dog. Dog, is with us now, he is safe and well. He is confused, like all dogs are after being put in a box and sent on a journey. He does not know where he is or who I am, but we will get there and I will keep you posted.