Phu Quoc Ridge is not a rescue group, the actual rescuing is done by skilled Vietnamese residents, who have a profound love and appreciation for these animals. The dogs that escape and survive are often saved by a group of rescuers that have seen firsthand the incredibly inhumane practice.

Once the dogs have been rescued, they are taken to veterinarians and animal hospitals to be cared for. Many of these dogs will have a long road to recovery due to the abuse they have gone through. Most of these dogs are malnourished, abused and some are even near death due to being neglected. The doctors and animal welfare volunteers help get them on the road to recovery by providing the necessary medicines, nutritional needs and exercise that these beautiful dogs need to thrive again.

Many of these dogs will be re-homed to good people in Vietnam, however, some will not. Our main focus is taking the ones that cannot reenter social life in Vietnam and bring them to our facility in the United States. The dogs that come to our facility in Greenwood, SC will have a stable and safe environment to recover, build relationships and find a new, safe and loving home. For the dogs who are too scarred and unable to find the right home, they will live out their life at Phu Quoc Ridge.